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Manual Pergola Blinds For Garden - LIHUE 1
Manual Pergola Blinds For Garden - LIHUE 2
Manual Pergola Blinds For Garden - LIHUE 3
Manual Pergola Blinds For Garden - LIHUE 1
Manual Pergola Blinds For Garden - LIHUE 2
Manual Pergola Blinds For Garden - LIHUE 3

Manual Pergola Blinds For Garden - LIHUE

Motor: Non

Operation method: remote control.


Both side with zipper , windproof, waterproof.


Fabric: 30% polyester,70% PVC.

Transmittance: 5% Openness


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    Product introduction

    Manual Pergola Blinds For Garden - LIHUE 4

    Manual Privacy Blinds have multiple applications in pergolas.  In addition to basic windproof and rainproof functions, it can also protect user privacy.  With simple manual operation, roller blinds can regulate light and ventilation inside the pergola, creating a comfortable environment.  In addition, roller blinds can be used as decorative elements to add a personal touch to the pergola.

    Operation method: remote control
    Waterproof: 100%
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    Transmittance:5% Openness
    Fabric: 30% polyester,70% PVC

    Product parameters

    Manual Pergola Blinds For Garden - LIHUE 10

    Frame Material



    Aluminum φ63mm or φ78mm

    Side Rail

    Split-type, Easy to Install.  Size 39*49*1.6mm

    Bottom Rail

    Size 56*25*2mm or Easy Pull Bottom Rail 58*25*1.7mm

    Frame Color

    White, Grey

    Fabric Options

    Blackout, Sunscreen 3%, 5%, 10%, 30%

    Fabric Color

    Black Grey, White, Black, Blue Grey, Beige, White Grey, Dark Grey


    Motorized (Remote Control) / Manual



    Motor Warranty

    5 Years

    Product features

    zippa 拷贝
    Operation method
    Remote control
    rolety-screen-zip-biale 拷贝
    Both side with zipper
    Windproof, waterproof
    Dry and wet separation technology
    Drainage channels are separated from the electrical system, making outdoor living safer
    We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and CE certification,proving we are standard, stable,reliable.

    LIHUE Pergola Production Process

    Our factory has achieved full-chain quality control from melting and casting, extrusion, CNC processing, assembly, electrical system testing, packaging, transportation, etc.


    Why choose us?

    7 (3)
    Advanced research and development
    We cooperate with internationally renowned scientific research teams in research and development and have more than 30 international patents.
    6 (7)
    Free design
    After receiving the customer's detailed requirements, we can provide customers with professional design drawings within 24 hours.
    5 (9)
    Considerate service
    We provide additional spare motors for each project. In order to prevent failures during the use of the pergola, customers can repair and replace them in time to ensure a good customer experience. At the same time, during the warranty period, we provide customers with new spare motors for free.
    4 (6)
    Door to door shipping service
    We have long-term cooperation with a number of logistics agencies to match customers with the best logistics solutions.


    Q1: How long is the service life of the motor?
    A: Normally, the service life of the motor is more than 5 years. We usually recommend that customers place orders to purchase an extra set of spare motors. If one of them fails, it can be replaced with a new motor immediately without affecting normal use. At the same time, we initiate after-sales consultation with our customers, and we can provide you with a new motor for free within 5 years.
    Q2: Will your product fade?
    A: The aluminum profiles used in our products are all high-quality 6063-T5 grade. The instant noodles are processed using powder spraying technology, and the appearance color can be maintained for more than 10 years.
    Q3: How many models do you have for aluminum pergola?
    A: For aluminum pergola, we have 4 series of products according to the width of the blades and aluminum profiles: Stellar 140 series, Aurora 170 series, Luna 220 series, Wanax 300 series. Their wind resistance and snow load capabilities are also slightly different.
    Q4: What's the delivery time ?
    A: Normally, we will deliver the sample order in about 25-30 days; if the quantity increases, we can complete the delivery in about 35-40 days.
    Q5. What is the standard of package?
    A. Export standard package or special package according to customer requirement. If your order includes glass, we will package it in reinforced wooden boxes. Ensure that products are not damaged during transportation, loading and unloading.
    Q6. Do you accept OEM & ODM business?
    A. Yes, we are OEM & ODM supplier. We have a design and R& D team of 13 people to meet customer needs.
    Get in touch with us

     We are constantly introducing core technology products to the market in the spirit of excellence. So we will continue to forge ahead and make the best of our products and services.

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    Focus on aluminum pergola and outdoor shading solutions manufacture.

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