Focus on aluminum pergola and outdoor shading solutions manufacture.

Zip Screen

Pergola zip screen are widely used in the field of architectural sun shading to provide effective and versatile solutions for managing sunlight, heat, and privacy.

In residential settings, zip screens are often utilized to create comfortable outdoor living spaces such as patios, balconies, and verandas.

For commercial buildings, zip screens are frequently installed to enhance the functionality and comfort of outdoor seating areas, such as restaurant patios, cafes, and bars.

Additionally, zip screens are commonly integrated into building facades to regulate interior light levels, reduce solar heat gain, and improve energy efficiency. 

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Motor: A-OK AC220V & AC110V.
Motor: Non Operation method:remote control. Both side with zipper , windproof, waterproof. Fabric:30% polyester,70% PVC. Transmittance:5% Openness
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Focus on aluminum pergola and outdoor shading solutions manufacture.

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